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Feeling stuck? Facing challenges? Looking to improve?

If you are feeling a bit unsure, lacking in confidence or not sure what is next for you and your development - then you are in the right place.

If you are ready to invest some time in yourself - then you are in the right place.

If you are ready to make some changes and create new habits and behaviours - then you are in the right place

Short, sharp and simple...

At the Sport Stories Academy you will find complex things made simple. We aim to provide you with information and a system that will allow you to learn and develop both personally and professionally. With your energy we aim to help you on your way to transform your life and...

be the best version of yourself, more often, with great skill.

We will occasionally use stories or examples from sport as it has proven to be really successful in helping all those who work with us.

If you are still a little un decided if the programmes or coaching is for you then I thought I would give you a brief introduction to myself...

I am Dave Levine and thanks for taking an interest in the Sport Stories Academy.

Myself and a number of experienced colleagues have designed and developed these programmes for you. We all have a vast amount of experience working in the world of learning and development and have a passion for helping others. Where appropriate we use stories and examples from the world of sport (not all the time!!!) as we have had a great deal of success working in this way. We also recognise that sport provides an interest and a great deal of enjoyment for many people. We strongly believe that individuals learn best when they are interested and enjoy what we are doing!

I look forward to you engaging with the the Sport Stories Academy, the coaching and mentoring support and the other great content we will provide . If you would value having a conversation before joining the community then please make contact at [email protected] and either myself or one of the team will be in touch.

I love to hear how you are getting on, so please share any feedback you have and success stories along the way as they are always great to hear.

Look after yourself.



Dave Levine
Gordon Lord - International People Developer

Here is a few words from one of the many people I have worked with...

Over a period of several years, Dave has delivered mentoring and Leadership Development programmes for coaches involved in a number of sport, with outstanding results.

In addition, his role as an executive coach has been significant in supporting and challenging me in the delivery of my role.

Dave is an exceptional coach and mentor and all round people developer and I would strongly recommend him to any senior manager or leader seeking to accelerate their performance.

Gordon Lord

Former Head of Elite Coach Development at the England & Wales Cricket Board and the Rugby Football Union

More new resources and services coming soon

We are adding to the programmes within in the Sport Stories Academy every week so please keep a look out for the new content.

We will continue to develop new slides, infographics, articles, worksheets, blogs, videos etc to help you become the best version of yourself.

Please make contact and let me know what some of your current challenges (and opportunities!) are.

I will do my best to help!

Don't forget to consider the Coaching or Mentoring support. We have a fantastic pool of coaches and mentors that will be able to help with your development needs.